- Our Story -

Picture of Oliver and Lorna founders of Ministry of Fudge

Through a mutual love of baking and an ambition to create a wonderful life for ourselves, we (Oliver & Lorna) founded Ministry of Fudge in 2017 in Christchurch, Dorset.

Oliver, previously working as a manager for a renowned organic farm, was determined to start a business of his own, knowing that he had the energy and vision needed to make a business blossom and become successful. Lorna wanted to rekindle her childhood memories of baking in the kitchen with a little help from her mother Gisèle, also her source of inspiration (or maybe 4-year-old Lorna was the one “helping” and eating all the cake mixture, but shhh!).

We made the brave decision to leave our jobs to pursue a new adventure and create a business that we would love, putting our heart and soul into our fudge which we are truly passionate about. After all, you spend the majority of your life working, so why not pursue our dream, be happy and live the lifestyle that we love!

The adventure all began in April 2017, when we started attending festivals, country shows and food fairs all around the south of England, bringing to our customers our truly mouth-watering Tablet fudge, all whilst having the time of our lives. This led to many customers calling and emailing us throughout the week, desperate for us to send them our delicious fudge because waiting until our next event was not an option! At first, these requests were within our county, so jumping in the car to deliver our treats was perfectly manageable… But then the requests started piling in from as far as Scotland, thus began a need for an online shop!

So here we are today, ready to deliver our mouth-watering, crumbly fudge to all those fudge lovers out there, whilst meeting new friends, wonderful customers and food lovers along the way!

When we aren’t creating (and taste-testing) our exciting new flavours, you can find us sitting in a café somewhere between Bournemouth Beach and Mudeford Quay, strolling along the sandy beaches or walking our two beautiful dogs in the idyllic New Forest.

We hope you’ll enjoy eating our fudge as much as we enjoy making it.

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